Top Mixer Grinders in India 2021

Whether you are planning to replace your old Mixer Grinder or thinking of buying it for the first time, this blog may help you choose the one which may fit your requirements.

Mixer grinders are versatile devices which are used in every household. Right from mixing several liquids to whipping them, this appliance offers many dish preparation methods.

From pureeing, mixing, grinding to blending, a mixer grinder performs multiple tasks and gives desired results.

First let’s understand what functions we normally perform with a Mixer Grinder

Blending or liquidizing: Blending is the basic function of a mixer grinder. A mixer grinding helps us in preparing tomato puree, gravies for different dishes, sauces, etc.

Dry grinding: Most of us prefer freshly ground spices over the packed ones. Hence, grinding of hard ingredients like dry ginger, turmeric, chilly, cinnamon or other spices is also done in a mixer grinder. Dry grinder reduces ingredients into a fine ready to use powders.

Wet grinding: A mixer grinder also help in preparation of fine or coarse batters/ from soaked pulses, coconut milk, cashew or almond pastes etc.

Juicing: Though a separate juicer allows extracting of juice from fruit & vegetables, but there are JMGs or Juicer Mixer Grinder that solves the purpose of juicing along with mixing & grinding.

As now we are aware of the functions that a mixer grinder performs, let’s understand our requirement

Identifying the purpose is very important. If you need this appliance only for grinding and blending purposes, then a mixer grinder is best suitable for you. But, if you need to prepare the juices from the vegetables and fruits as well, then a mixer grinder with a juicer is perfect for your kitchen. So, depending upon the requirement, you can easily choose from the different variants available in market.

Based on the findings we need to choose the specifications of the Mixer Grinder.

Now that you have decided the purpose, let’s move further with the specifications of the mixer grinder to choose in a Mixer Grinder:

Wattage: The motor of the mixer grinder should be a powerful one. As it is known as the heart of the mixer. A mixer grinder with 500 Watts to 750 Watts is enough for all mixing, blending & grinding works.

RPM: It is one of the major requirements that you must check before buying a mixer grinder. A mixer grinder with 18,000 to 20,000 RPM is good for kitchen. Most of the mixer grinders have 3 speed setting with pulse function to achieve desired texture or consistency.

Number of Jars: The number of jars depends on your requirements. If you have a large or joint family, then a heavy duty motor mixer grinder with more 2 to 4 jars will be sufficient. More number of jars means you can complete the tasks within less time. If you are a small family, then a normal mixer grinder with 2 jars (for dry and wet grinding) can be solve your purpose.

Blades: A mixer grinder will be of no use if the blades are not of good quality. Each mixer consists of different blades depending on the type they also have different usage. Most mixer grinders have removable blades made from the stainless steel material that makes them last longer and also easy to use.

Safety mechanism: To protect the motor from burning, in case of overload, the appliance come fitted with an automatic overload protector under the base of main unit. If the mixer suddenly stops working, it is the sign of overload ingredients.

To understand in detail, if you are going to buy a mixer grinder for mild grinding or blending at home, then you may go with a 500W mixer that is enough to handle all the necessary operation easily. Below are some options to choose from 500W Mixer Grinders:

SA 4020: This mixer grinder provides you an outstanding performance with its 500W powerful motor. It is suitable for daily mixing & grinding of foods. It has ABS main body with 3 stainless steel jars having PP lids. There is an overload safety protection available to safeguard the motor from the overheating issue. This model is available in White, Red & Black colors.

SA 4020 CU: This mixer grinder is equipped with 100% Copper motor to handle heaviest load of mixtures. The motor has Maximum Locked wattage of 1300 W @ 230V & comes with 5 years warranty. There are 3 stainless steel jars including liquidizer, dry grinder & chutney to minimize your efforts & save time.

SA 4023: This 3 jar mixer grinder in black & green finish is designed for hassle free blending & grinding operations. With 500 W powerful motor, it also comes with 3 speed settings & sturdy rubber feet pads that allows stable use without slipping.

In case if you often makes batters for idli, dosa & vada at home or dry grind whole spices, then a 750W mixer grinder is perfect fit. Have a glance at below mentioned options:

SA 4022: This high power mixer grinder allows grinding of toughest whole spices, coffee beans, rice, sugar, turmeric, wheat etc. and achieve the finest of results. The motor has Locked Power of 2200W and comes with 5 years’ warranty. This appliance is fast enough to complete all precooking tasks effectively.

SA 4022 Platinum: This Glen mixer grinder has a modern appearance with grey & black finish. It comes with 3 different jars including liquidizer, dry grinder and a chutney jar. The 750W motor has Locked Power of 2200W and comes with 5 years’ warranty. It allows smooth grinding of whole spices, making of dosa & idli batter, preparation of smoothies & shakes. The blades are made of special food grade 304 stainless steel, which do not affect the food quality even when they get heated up.

SA 4030: This all-new Mixer Grinder model can be handy for you in the busy times and adds a charm to your kitchen simultaneously. With an extremely powerful 750W motor you can grind tough ingredients very quickly.  It allows continuous operation up to 30 minutes (3 Min ON , 2 Min OFF ). The outer body material is made with ABS plastic You will get 4 jars: 1.5 Ltr transparent SAN jar with fruit filter, 1.5 litre SS Liquidizer jar, 1 litre SS Grinder jar, and 0.4 litre SS chutney jar. The jars are equipped with food grade rubber gasket so as to prevent any leakage.

By any chance, if you are in need of the mixer grinder that comes with fruit filter attachment, then here are some models to check out:








These mixer grinder comes with a unique fruit filter attachment so that you can prepare seedless super smooth juices. It is especially useful for juicing seeded grapes and pureeing tomato. Also, a transparent liquidizer/blender jar is easy to use and does not allows flavor mixing.

We hope that the information about all mixer grinders will help to choose your mixer grinder wisely. For more queries or questions feel free to reach out to us via social media handles or dial 9717156666 to connect directly with sales team.

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