When I tried an Air Fryer for the first time

Majority of people that cook at home always search for alternatives to make the cooking easier and healthier. Be it in terms of flavor, time or convenience. And this can be only done with the help of gadgets and appliances. In recent times, there are many kitchen gadgets that are hyped, but is it really worth buying them?  One such product which came to my notice recently was Air Fryers.

So I thought of buying an electric fryer as a healthy substitute to conventional deep frying. Although, I was really skeptical about getting one for me because we prefer deep-fried foods once a week. Putting all thoughts aside, I brought Glen Electric fryer 3046 home.

I went through the manual, read about the instructions in detail and then finally tried my hands on it. From making breakfasts to snacks and many more finger foods, this smart appliance became my best helping hand. It demands the least attention and performs all tasks from grilling to baking and frying in minimum time. The oil usage on foods went down without comprising the flavors.

What is a mini fryer actually?

A fryer is a compact appliance which uses convection to circulate hot air around the food to cook it. They vary in size, capacity,and prize. I tried using Glen fryer 3046 having 2.0 Liter capacity. It comes with a 30-minute timer, pre-set temperature control, vapor steam,and many more extraordinary features.

Does it make the food healthier?

You would have surely come across the claims that Air fryer is a healthy alternative to deep-frying. And the foods that get prepared in it are similar in taste and texture like conventional fryers. But is it so?

Fairly, my findings were combined. Where some foods got fried and baked perfectly in the fryer retained with flavors, others required more use of oil to achieve the desired results. Although it is true that you can fry/grill or bake several foods with less or no oil, the results varied.

To be straight on point, if you want to replace the traditional fryer and cut on oil consumption then Glen Mini Fryer is the perfect alternative. But in case if you think that you can replace it with other appliances (oven or microwave) then it is definitely not recommended.

What foods you can make in Mini Fryer?

I can confidently tell that this appliance is best for already frozen foods like fries, wedges or chicken wings but you will need to go through some recipe books with electric fryer specific cooking techniques in it.

  • Roasted chicken with tomatoes

I tried making roasted chicken with tomatoes in the electric fryer. The recipe was mentioned in the cookbook that came along. It was simple to follow and came out delicious.

  • Roasted Peanuts

To complement my ginger tea with a quick snack, I prepared a small batch of roasted peanuts coated with gram flour and spices. It required only a teaspoon of oil and came out really tasty.

  • Fried fish fillets

It can be cooked to perfection with minimum oil, making it a healthy item in your menu planning. Just clean the fish and drain excess water, rub the spice seasoning, coat in the egg mixture followed by bread crumbs. Preheat the electric fryer and put the fish fillets inside for 15 minutes. Enjoy the crispy fillets.

So, is buying a Mini fryer worth it?

The answer is yes! But it also depends upon the usage and number of members in your family. However, it is not a parameter that you must possess an electric fryer. If you really need one and like to try your hands on various cooking appliances then you must definitely become a proud owner of the electric fryer.

It can be easily stored, cleaned and used. You can cook small batches of foods of your choice with the required temperature and time. You will experience more texture and flavors when you will get used to it.

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