The kitchen is indeed the heart of every home. A good and attractive kitchen not only makes cooking a pleasant experience but also gives makes a real home. Now-a-days people mostly prefer a modular kitchen which not only adds value to the décor of the kitchen but also comes with its own set of benefits. To top it all comes the range of built in appliances which are in high demand due to its long lasting utility and space saving abilities. We at Glen, always aim to make cooking pleasant experience for you. Our range of built in appliances have however been created keeping the needs of a modern kitchen in mind.

To begin with, let’s start it with everyone’s best friend –The microwave and the Oven

Right from making your favourite Maggi to preparing mouth-watering cakes and delicious dishes-A microwave is something we can’t do without. Though this is one of the most widely used kitchen appliance, we often find it difficult to place it in the kitchen as it consumes a lot of space. On many occasions the ‘oh-so-important’ appliance can be seen becoming a mini table and being used as a space to stack up things. I hope, you understand here, what good a built in microwave can do for you .A built in microwave not only saves the space but also adds the element of beauty to your kitchen.

Glen’s built in ovens can also make a big style statement for your contemporary kitchen. Innovative touch control technology, precise functioning and minimalistic design make it a piece of art. With spacious cavity, self-cleaning function and futuristic LCD display, Glen’s electric oven are bound to sweep away your feet.

The built in hob

Once you have the microwave oven in place the next appliance that is the most critical is a nice looking Cooking Stove, it may be a traditional Stainless Steel Gas Stove, a modern Glass Cooktop or a built-in-Hob. We would refer here to the Built-in category as when making a modern modular kitchen a hob is more suitable and you may select either glass hobs or induction hobs. Both the glass and the induction hobs are easy to clean and have their own set level of efficiency. A hob actually creates a space for other utility items to be kept in the kitchen. One can easily choose the ideal size hobs for their kitchen depending on the size and the space in the kitchen.

The Chimney

There are different types of chimneys available in the market today. For the first time buyer,infact all these chimneys appear to do the same kind of function. But you should actually be careful in choosing the right chimney for your kitchen. Based on the requirement of a modular kitchen Glen offers a wide range of chimneys. The preferredtypes of chimney these days are either the island chimney or the designer hood chimney.Ergonomic design and high finish stainless steel make of Glen Island chimneys, offer style combined with excellent performance for longer run. The designer hood chimneys on the other hand are made with high-end glass and matt finish steel, the latest range of designer hood kitchen chimneys from Glen accentuates the modern functionality of kitchen space.

The Dishwahser

A modern woman not only looks for a stylish kitchen, her kitchen needs to be equally clean and sparkling too. Glen’s Dishwashers are designed to silently sparkle all your dirty dishes. Be it tough oil stains or stubborn masala marks, the automatic wash program tackle all conveniently and save your time and bother. These dishwashers integrate perfectly into the kitchen space and are designed to save energy & water and give a great drying performance.

We hope that this article will help you find out things for your perfect modular kitchen. If you still have an old out-dated kitchen, worry not and start upgrading it now. Order your favourite kitchen appliance today.


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