Why children and Older people are more prone to air related infections?

We often notice that the younger and the older are more prone to diseases and infections. A major epidemiological change that has been trending lately in this century is the rise in chronic diseases that has been seen to affect the elderly and children more than the adult generation. Evidences clearly state the fact that a total of 3.7 million deaths happen worldwide owing to air pollution.

Older people have a weaker immune system as their age increases and hence their frailty modifies to a major level. Adverse effects have been seen in a short term and the long term effects have been seen to be fatal as well. Exposure to higher levelof pollution has led to different types of diseases in the elderly such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis (CB), asthma, and emphysema. The older generation has been seen to be more vulnerable to particulate matter (PM) than to other pollutants. Air purifiers have been thus invented to provide some relief to this morbid threat of air pollution. Glen Air Purifiers are manufactured to create a pollution free environment indoors. The purifiers have been embedded with a 5 step purification system along with ionizers that cleanses the air. Glen India air purifiers use proven true HEPA technology that has the capacity to remove fine dusts, smoke particulate, pollens, bacteria and virus upto 99.97%.

Just as the old, children too have a very fragile body that can suffer maximum due to air pollution. The adult body and the child body functions in a very different manner due to which the repercussions differ. Children inhale more air per unit body weight at a given level of exertions than adults do as a result of which the dust and other micro organisms get an advantage to invade their body. Moreover, children spend a lot of time outside than adults, which results in their exposure to various types of pollutants lingering outdoors. For whatever time they spend indoors, it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of the air they breathe in. One must not be fooled by the fact that staying indoors is safe as research has revealed that indoor air pollution is 2-5 times worse than outdoor pollution! Glen air purifiers have advanced technology features along with ionizers that trap pollutants and recycle the air around it. Glen India guarantees purifying the air effectively and with the filter replacement indicator it also warns for immediate action to be taken. Currently two models are available, both online and offline for immediate usage purpose. It is highly recommended to use air purifiers indoors at home or office, to assure a better pair of lungs and a better health, both for the children and the old.

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