Why you must get a cold press juicer

Are you still stuck at buying those conventional high speed centrifugal juicers that not only make a lot of noise but also destroys essential minerals and vitamins in the process? If yes then, it’s time to try a switch and bring home Glen cold press slow juicer 4018.

Also called as masticating juicers, cold press juicers use a dual stage mastication procedure to crush the pieces of fruits and vegetables. The innovative slow squeezing system extracts juice at a lower RPM so as not to disrupt the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables. This prevents oxidation and separation of juices and produces 100% living juice overflowing with essential vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes.

From juicing all fruits, vegetables, ginger, leafy greens, and even pomegranate, a slow juicer can do it all. It is easy to disassemble and allows hassle-free cleanup. These types of juicers are efficient and ensure the extraction of 85% of the juice from the fruit or vegetable. And yes, the juice has 50% more vitamins.

Advantages of Cold press slow juicer:

  • No oxidation: the slow squeezing system extracts juice at a low RPM so as not to disrupt the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables.
  • Long lasting freshness: The juices produced by cold press juicers have a longer shelf life.
  • Preservation of nutrients: there is no heat generated during the juicing process as a result natural nutrients are preserved.
  • Maximum squeezing: the original vitamins, minerals, and enzymes go through the gentle process of mastication.

Factors to keep in mind before buying a cold press slow juicer:

  • Noise level: First thing you must take into account while buying a juicer is the noise level. It can be annoying at times when the machine stays in use for a long time. The Glen cold press juicer can perform a continuous juicing function without disturbing others.
  • The material of juice & pulp containers: Always opt for a juicer made of high quality. The juice & pulp containers of Glen 4018 are made of TRITAN, a food grade polymer, stronger & more resistant to odors for ease of access to the customers.
  • Motor power: If you plan to extract juices from leafy vegetables or wheatgrass then you must take the motor power of juicer into consideration.
  • Availability of meshes: Glen Cold press juicer comes with 2 separate meshes available for different foods. It saves you from hassles of cleaning and changing the meshes.
  • Capacity: It is also important to consider the capacity of the machine according to the requirement.
  • Size of feeder tube: Look for a cold press juicer having a wide feeding tube. You can find the same in Glen juicer which allows feeding a whole apple at once and continuous juicing of oranges.

The Glen 4018 Cold Press Slow Juicer has a smart revolutionary design with more power. Its squeezing technique, instead of cutting process of normal juicers, helps it to retain more enzymes, vitamins, and minerals of the fruits or vegetables. Due to its low rpm speed, it makes less noise. With one button operation, it saves your time and minimizes your efforts. Want to know about its functioning? Check it out here!

So, make the right choice and adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

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