Why you must use an air fryer

Most of the Indian cooking involves fried foods. Be it sweet or the savory dishes. Gone are the days when people used to run away from the deep-fried foods. As the technology changed and the air fryers came into the market, the people also shifted from deep oily cooking to healthy air frying. The conventional fried food is unhealthy and at the same time, poses serious health issues among the people.

Although there are many brands that manufacture air fryers but choosing the right one is quite a difficult task. If you are looking for one, then you must give Glen Rapid Fryer a serious look.

Here I am trying to list the various uses of air fryer and how it is better than the normal deep frying. This innovative appliance looks trendy and very safe as there is no risk of hot oil splashes. It is quite fast and hands free once you put the ingredients and set the timer you don’t need to stand there as in case of traditional frying.

The air frying is not only convenient but a healthy option also as most of the oils break above a particular temperature and then are considered not good for health, as here no oil or very little oil is used and that too by setting the temperature at 1600-1800 one can avoid in this case. Be it vegetarian or the non-veg ones, all kinds of delicacies can be prepared in this smart appliance.

An air fryer, cooks, bakes, grills, and fries your favorite food items by circulating hot air around the food. It makes the food healthier and that too without or less oil. It does not need any assistance now and then, once you put the food items to be fried in it. Another thing is that there will be no grease on your plate and easier to clean too. If you got a cookbook with your fryer then it’s great, but if not then, you can find innumerable recipes and tutorials to use the air fryer.

These are the reasons why you must use an air fryer:

Multipurpose – Air fryers are versatile cooking appliances. They can be used to cook, bake, grill or roast any foods in comparatively lesser time.

A Healthier alternative – An air fryer eliminates the need for oil because it uses rapid air technology for cooking. This means that the food you are making in it are less fatty and healthier.

Faster cooking: Whether it is samosa or French fries, the airfryer has the ability to cook the foods much faster than the average appliances in your kitchen.

Super easy clean up: Most of the air fryer baskets is non-stick grease proof. Glen Rapid Fryer also has a removable nonstick basket which can be cleaned conveniently after every cooking.

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