Your Best Friend in Kitchen; Glen Mini Chopper

Gone were the days when the biggest kitchen hassle used to be managing all the chopping work putting meticulous effort and time. Cutting and shredding the vegetables was not only messy but also a tedious task. Understanding the requirements of a modern woman, Glen introduced mini chopper GL 4043 a dynamic product to do cutting, chopping & whipping in seconds. Bring all your last minute hurry worry to an ease, as you now have a best kitchen assistance to help you with the most difficult tasks quicker.

Like they say big things come in small packages, Glen mini chopper is a small daily use appliances, you can chop onions for making the curries, chop cauliflower to make stuffed paranthas or make butter out of cream in a jiffy. Chop onions, tomatoes, cucumber and then add curd, give a rotation again to blend it, add salt to taste and your vegetable raita is ready to be served.

The Glen Mini Chopper is not just convenient to operate but is also sturdy and reliable. This has rust free stainless steel blade for quick chopping results. One can easily chop nuts, onions, crush ice cubes and even make a fine tomato puree. With an easy push start you can put an end to the time taking chopping actions. Beat eggs in the chopper and make tasty omelets for breakfast without using any spare bowl or whisk, and thus keeping yourself free from the dish cleaning hassles. The high quality food grade transparent polycarbonate bowl aids in clear visibility so that you can attain the desired chopping results.

Glen Mini Chopper 4043 plus comes with an extra bowl, to help you chop and store simultaneously. Make mint chutney and keep it in the fridge for a later use. This also prevents flavor mixing if you want to chop onions for the main dish and strawberries for a custard sweet dish. The bowls are made of good quality food grade Polycarbonate material and do not give away any bad smell to the food stored.

For a working woman and even a housewife this smart appliance works wonders in kitchen, as it is fast and easy in handling the most tedious chopping acts which one often wish to avoid but are necessary. Glen mini chopper has resulted in safe kitchen actions, as your hands are completely safe from the fear of having cuts while cutting the vegetables. Imagine the wholesome convenience this small chopper brings into your kitchen, for an easy and efficient cooking. Now save time, energy and reduce the work pressure, as this easy to use chopper is indeed your best helping hand in kitchen and we are sure you would never wish to lose this best friend ever because of its dynamic utilities.

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