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No more worries about the calories. Range of Glen Appliances for healthy, modern living.

No more worries about the calories. Range of Glen Appliances for healthy, modern living.

All the taste, minus the guilt

No more worries about the calories. Range of Glen Appliances for healthy, modern living.

Our modern hectic lifestyles leave us no room but to get into unhealthy eating habits and thus making us more prone to health concerns. Now we are getting conscious of the benefits of healthy living and thus always on the lookout for healthier options to cook without sacrificing the taste. 

Glen has always been a brand working on the Live Better theme and therefore has quite a few appliances which fit into the healthy living so we would like to share few of these on the occasion of World Health Day. 


Cold Press Slow Juicer 150W, Juice and Pulp containers Low Noise (4017CPJ)

Cold Press Slow juicer - A fresh glass of juice is what you need to begin a healthy day and with Glen cold press slow juicer, you have the freedom to make your own preservative-free fresh juice right at home anytime. Its revolutionary squeezing technology instead of the usual cutting-the-fruit method helps to maintain the essential enzymes, minerals and vitamins within the juice. Subsequently, the juice continues to retain the fruit fibre making it healthier. With the press of a button, this machine can extract juice from any fruit or vegetable.

This juicer operates via cold press method to produce a superior juice in comparison to normal juicers. In contrast to the rough extraction and high speeds of ordinary juicers, cold press juicers operate at lower speeds and gently compress the fruit and vegetables to ‘squeeze’ out their juice to the best.

Why Glen Cold Press Slow Juicer is an Ideal Juicer

- Able to easily juice all greens, herbs and grasses (with a high yield)

- Good to juice fruits, including soft varieties blueberries, strawberries etc.

- The “slow juice” technology works like a mortar and pestle. Juice squeezed from the Glen Slow Juicer is richer in natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. These nutrients play a vital role in sustaining our bodies, helping us feel better and look healthier.

- Cold pressed, to produce a superior juice

- Low speed (rpm), to minimize oxidation and produce a longer lasting juice

- Easy to clean, just run water after preparation, wipe dry and it is ready to be used again.- Low noise!

    Air Fryer, 5.5 Litres Digital Controls, 8 Pre Set Menues Timer, Temperature Control, 1350W -Black (3047 BL)

    Digital Air fryer - In Indian food, frying is the most common way of cooking, which is not good for health. To save on the extra calories of fried food, using Glen Air Fryers should be a smart choice. With the help of air fryer, one can fry using very little or no oil and bring down the calorie count to more than 80%.

    This Glen Digital fryer having 5.5 Liter capacity uses the rapid air technology which circulates the hot air around food. This circulated air around the food in the Air Fryer, heats them up thereby resulting in food which is crusty outside and tender inside. Unlike the conventional deep fryers which use high quantity of oil to heat the food and make it crispy, the air fryer uses less or no oil to prepare food. Unpack the frozen food packet, put those delicious nuggets in the basket and simply air fry them. So if you are preparing French fries make them easy and almost 80% fat free and serve your kids healthy tasty snacks every day. You can bake, grill, roast and fry with this dynamic air fryer.

    Advantages of Glen Digital Air Fryer:

    - Fry, grill, roast & even bake conveniently using little or no oil.

    - Large cooking capacity of 5.5 liters

    - Adjustable time & temperature control

    - Digital menu selection with 8 pre-set menus

    - Easy to clean basket with crisping plate

    Bread Maker & Atta Kneader, Fully Automatic, 12 Pre-Set Functions, Electronic Control Panel - Silver (3034)
    Bread Maker - A daily must have for a healthy fresh breakfast. Now have the luxury of homemade brown, wheat, multigrain bread of your choice and that too absolutely fresh. Glen Bread Maker GL 3034 is very easy to handle and has a fully automatic kneading and baking operation that helps preparing bread, you may set it in the night before sleeping, to start it in night and finish the bread in good time for breakfast to give you homemade oven fresh bread in the morning. It can also prepare fruit cake, garlic bread or jams without any extra hassles. Introduce your healthy breakfast table a wonderful experience of bakery’s fresh breads, cakes and jams, made from your health kitchen and serve your loved ones a delightful and healthy breakfast every day with Glen Bread Maker.

    With this bread maker, atta kneading can also be done with ease. Be it for puris or chapati’s, hygienic dough can be prepared in Glen Atta kneader. The procedure of kneading atta is mentioned in recipe book along with other recipes like jam, breads etc. to start your baking adventure with Glen bread maker atta kneader.

    Electric Steam Cooker 900w with 60 minute Timer, 3 Food Grade Containers  - white (3052)

    Steam cooker - One of the most important benefits of steamed food is that it being a slow process of cooking over high temperature sterilized food and kills all the microbes and germs present in the food items. Food items that are steamed have their taste intact and can be enjoyed at their best. Moreover, some foods taste best when steamed. One of the chief benefits of steam food is the ease and simplicity with which it can be prepared. Steaming do not call for time consuming frying and fancy dressing.

    The name of this appliance says it all. It is all about zero oil cooking. Did you know that steaming food retains more nutrients than other cooking methods? It is a good practice to include steamed food in your daily routine. A must have for all, this versatile and easy to use Glen steam cooker is ideal for cooking multiple items at the same time, hence saving your time. Place eggs, add veggies or put on meat altogether in different compartments for a full meal. The cooker comes with features like ultra compact storage, 60-minute timer, overheating protection.

    Advantages of Steam cooking –

    - No loss of valuable vitamins, nutrients and minerals

    - Retains moisture and freshness

    - Keeps food natural flavors and vibrant colors

    - Makes food tender and easily digestible by softening fibers

    - No need cooking oil or fat, resulting in light and healthy meals

    - Cooks almost all kinds of food from vegetables to meats to seafood to fruits and pasta

    - Can cooks a complete meal in just under 30 minutes – fast and easy

    - Cooks over a single heat source a load of different layers of food stacked one on top of the other – saves time, energy and money

    - No oil, no smoke, no mess – cleaning up is easy. Keeps your kitchen clean

    - Loads of recipes for delicious and nutritious steamed dishes

      These simple preparations and adjustments in our daily diet plan can help move towards a healthier us rather than leaner we. The idea is to eat smaller portions and at regular intervals, also eating oil free and healthy and fresh food daily. It is easier to obtain by adding some of the smart appliances available in market, and surely a less tiring way of keeping ourselves fit. Remember a healthy mind stays in a healthy body, so for a healthy thought eat wise and fresh.

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