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    Kitchen Chimney Cassette Ceiling Mounted Remote Control Baffle filters 120cm 1250 m3/h -White (1010CS)

    Original price ₹ 154,995
    Original price ₹ 154,995
    Original price ₹ 154,995
    Current price ₹ 116,246
    ₹ 116,246 - ₹ 116,246
    Current price ₹ 116,246

    In stock
    Delivered in 3-7 days

    - Remote control, easy access

    - Baffle filter for better performance

    - Powerful and Energy efficient motor

    - 120 cm wide, sleek and stylish chimney to accommodate 2-5 burners

    - An 1250 m³/hr airflow keeps the kitchen smoke-free

    Original price ₹ 154,995
    Original price ₹ 154,995
    Original price ₹ 154,995
    Current price ₹ 116,246
    ₹ 116,246 - ₹ 116,246
    Current price ₹ 116,246
    Zero cost EMI
    12 month instalment plan


Glen kitchen chimneys are designed to make your kitchen smoke, odor & grime free. Glen has a chimney for every kitchen, from auto clean chimneys to designer chimneys & Island chimneys to straightline chimneys, these are available in different sizes, shapes & suction powers. Glen chimneys come equipped with powerful motor, energy saving LED lights, option of push button, touch control & motion sensor chimneys to suit every kitchen.

The chimney is an essential part of every kitchen. It absorbs the smoke, fumes, grime and makes the kitchen odor free. Indian cooking involves usage of lots of spices and tampering, which leads to fumes and in order to get rid of them, a chimney is required! Whether in terms of size, design, features, technology or color, the range of kitchen hoods having top notch features from Glen are suitable for every kitchen. From ductless chimneys and Island Chimney to Auto Clean and Designer Hood Chimneys, there is a wide range to select from. Having suction powers from 1000m3/h to 1400m3/h and intelligent features like motion sensor, stainless steel baffle filters / filterless mesh, the Glen chimneys are available in T-Shaped & Curved to vertical & straight design to suit your kitchen interiors. Glen offers a wide range of kitchen chimneys suitable for every kitchen. From Island chimney to designer chimney and straight line to auto clean hoods, there are different types of chimneys offered by Glen in affordable ranges. Having suction powers from 1000m3/h to 1400m3/h and intelligent features like motion sensor, stainless steel baffle filters / filterless mesh, you can select the best chimney for kitchen.

Glen Chimney Features and Benefits
  • Designed for Indian style of cooking where use of spices & tampering is more compared to other cooking forms..
  • Glen Chimney range comes with features like Double Draft Suction, Motion Sensor Control, Brushless DC Motor, Heat Auto Clean with Oil Collector Tray, High Performance Airflow, LED Lights, etc.
  • Stainless steel baffle filters efficiently absorbs oil and grease particles and are easy to clean.
  • Chimneys with special function of eliminating the stale air when turned on at low speed at a very low noise.
  • Availability of different designs like curved glass chimney, T-shaped hood, vertical glass, traditional pyramid shaped gives you freedom to choose as per the decor of your kitchen.
  • Glen Chimneys comes backed with Lifetime warranty*.

Factors to consider before buying a chimney

Type: Chimneys are designed in order to suit the requirement of every kitchen. Mostly those are available in under given types.

  • Island Chimney
  • Straight line Chimney
  • Designer Chimney
  • Auto clean and oil collector Chimney

Size: The best way to choose the size of the chimney is to have a look at your cooktop. You must always buy a chimney of exact or greater size than a stove or hob. But never opt for the smaller chimney than your stove as this may result in some loss of efficiency of chimney.

Design: Depending upon the décor of your kitchen, you may choose any of the below-given chimneys -

  • Conventional: these are traditional pyramid type chimneys or straight line chimneys available in Stainless Steel or black. These can be fixed mostly in all types of kitchens.
  • Contemporary: these come in stylish shapes, sizes and colors in stainless steel and glass and fusion of both to blend smartly with the aesthetics of your modern kitchen. These are suited for open and designer kitchens.

Suction: The suction power is the capacity of motor to suck smoke and odor. It is measured in cubic meter per hour. A chimney with higher suction capacity is ideal for Indian kitchens. The suction power may vary from 1000 m3/h to 1400 m3/h. Duct size, number of bends affect the suction power.

Filters: Another important aspect of chimney buying guide is to check the filters that are available in the chimney. Mainly there are two types including – Aluminum cassette or Stainless Steel Baffle Filters. You can find these types of filters in various models of Glen Chimney. So, you must choose wisely because they will affect the durability of your chimney. In case the chimney is not installed on exhaust mode then you will need a set of Carbon filters also to remove the odor from the smoke. With Glen Auto clean hoods you get choice of filterless models, which requires lesser cleaning efforts.

Maintenance: All Chimneys require periodic maintenance that is cleaning the grease filter at least every fortnight. Here SS baffle filters score over Cassette filters as these have longer life. One can also consider Glen Auto clean Chimney which cleans the chimney with heat and take out all the oil automatically.

Motor: The heart of any chimney is the Motor, the better the quality the better it is. Choose for the one which has TOP the thermal overload protector which cuts of the power to the motor in case motor gets overheated and thus saves the motor ad increase its life. In case opting for Auto clean chimneys, there is option of BLDC Motor that consumes less power, is low in noise and generates less vibrations.

If you want to experience a smoke free cooking environment, then you can easily rely on Glen as the best chimney for kitchen.

Glen Chimney Prices Online in India

Glen Chimney prices online have a wide range, starting with MRP Rs. 10,000 for basic models. The range is highly extensive that is suitable for different budgets and kitchen requirements.

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